Migraine headache triggers, remedies and finally relief.

Story of my life!

Ever since I can remember maybe 10 years old in elementary school I have battled migraines. I would be picked up from school what seemed like weekly by my grandfather because my parents worked and I would be in so much pain throwing up in the nurse’s bathroom. Even now looking back at my old report cards the teacher notes were almost always “Michelle would be doing much better if she was in class more.” (That was due to the headaches in elementary school but a whole different story in high school.) Doctors had me on pain medicines back then that are now popular narcotics on the street. Multiple CT Scans and so many different treatments and medications never seem to help.


Migraine Headaches

  • A medical condition that causes severe throbbing pain in one or both sides of your head.
  • Nausea and vomiting and/or sensitivity to light and sound.
  • May also cause you to see spots or flashing lights
  • Can last hours or up to days
  • Interfere with your day to day life


What is causing my migraines?

Researchers think that migraines are due to abnormal levels of substances that are naturally produced in our brain. When the levels increase they cause inflammation that causes blood vessels in the brain to swell and press on nearby nerves.

I did not have a single migraine when I was pregnant with either of my children. This makes me think that these substances or levels are affected by hormones. *Just my personal opinion.

Migraine Triggers Triggers Triggers


  • If I slept too much or did not get enough sleep was a HUGE trigger of mine
  • Aspartame -Fake sugar!  This is a sugar substitute found in gum, food and diet drinks. I could do an entire post on how bad it is for you. It really triggered my migraines.
  • Hormone changes– that time of the month I could count on a migraine without fail
  • Alcohol and Caffeine – I still have my coffee every morning and a glass of wine and a mixed drink when I feel up to it, oh and beer almost always. Sure sounds like I have a drinking problem more than a migraine problem :0


Migraine Remedies

How to live confidently without Migraines


 Essential Oils

If someone would have told me Essential oils when I felt a migraine coming on I would have probably honestly told them to F-off!

Depending on how severe your migraines are or how well you can recognize the signs one is coming oils can be a great option.

    • Lavender oil – Besides being very soothing and calming it is known to contain a natural compound that opens up blood vessels.
    • Peppermint oil – Promotes blood flow to parts of the head where applied. Helps soothe the senses
    • Eucalyptus oil – Has a combination of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Migraine Medication

I did not want to put medication on the remedies or relief section because I’m not sure my feelings on what it did for me and this is my post (lol). I am sure 20+ years later there is way more effective medication with fewer side effects out there. I did not have great luck, It either didn’t work for me or I felt disabled on the medication unable to function normally.

  • Acute Medication– stopping a migraine in progress
  • Preventative – Daily medication to prevent migraines

*Common to be prescribed both

Migraine Relief

The only treatment that has given me my life back! I do not remember the last time I  had a migraine. That is pretty amazing after going from about 8 a month and trying almost every treatment out there.  I have been hospitalized multiple times for dehydration due to the throwing up from my migraines. I had them BAD!

I will not sugar coat this…. who knows what putting a Botulinum toxin in my body every 3 months is going to do to me in the long run. They say it is a neurotoxic protein and protein is supposed to be really good for you right? I have to be honest and say I have not really done much research on BOTOX. If I was debating getting it for cosmetic reasons I may have looked more into it but when I was referred to it by my doctor for migraines, I was desperate. I was so tired of the pain I would have tried anything.


  • BOTOX for Migraines

  • Botox enters the nerve ending around where it is injected and blocks the release of chemicals involved in pain transmission
  • Each treatment is small needles that inject Botox into the shallow muscles in the skin
  • Needs to be repeated every 3 months
  • Injected on upper forehead, temples, back of the head, neck and upper back near the neck. This is where my treatment is injected, this may vary depending on where your pain is.
  • I have almost 100 units injected, I’m sure this may vary depending on your personal needs.
  • At $10+ a unit (cosmetically) I am sure grateful that my insurance covers the cost.


I have no affiliate sales on Botox!

I know this may sound like I am a sales rep for Botox. but I just can’t imagine how I made it before these injections. If you get migraines you know the pain and how debilitating they are. I want to share my experience so maybe I can help you get the relief you so deserve.

Do you get migraines?

Do you know someone struggling with migraines?

If you have any questions for me please ask. I would also love to know what works for your migraines or your experience with Botox.

Please leave questions or comments. Like and share!


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