How to make a delicious dinner in under 5 minuets with 4 ingredients.

5 minute dinner 4 ingredient pork chile verde

4-Ingredient Crockpot Pork Chile Verde

If your anything like me you have no time to make a fancy dinner.

I have a lot going on in my life. I’m sure if I made a list of everything I do in a day it would not look very long, but the days seem to fly by nevertheless. I work until two at our family’s construction company doing office work, right after that it’s time to get kids from school. There is just enough time when we get home to do home work, maybe check the mail and shove some kind of snack down my throat (usually not a very healthy one) before we are off to soccer for one of the kids practices. If its my daughter who is 14 I can just drop her little butt off  but my son who is 10 (and my baby) I still try to stay at the field.

Now that it is about 5:30 – 6:30pm (depending on how long the coach decides to pep-talk to unfocused kids) its time to answer that dreadful question “Whats for dinner?” I HATE this question! I either am too tired at this point to cook because I played good wife/employee at my husbands construction company half the day and soccer mom/ tutor (I can’t even do half the school work that comes home with my kids without Siri). If I was super prepared on any given day and I actually had a plan for dinner its one of the (maybe) 5 meals that we rotate weekly. I know I’m sick of the same old 5 meals, Im sure my family is also.

No time to make dinner?

We are busy moms, or busy in our careers, maybe busy moms with careers. Life is just busy and dinner is just a pain. Unless you have extra time and or love to cook and plan meals your most likely just like me. I need easy meals that are somewhat healthy to serve my family.  The crockpot is always my best friend, I can throw the ingredients in, set the time and let it do its thing all day until we are ready to eat.

So here is one of my favorite weeknight super easy 4-ingredient Pork Chile Verde

4-Ingredient Crockpot Pork Chile Verde

This Pork Chile Verde is great served with rice and beans or I serve with tortillas.  Make taco’s with the leftovers for tomorrows meal! *See I’m giving you a two for one

  • Prep Time : 5 min
  • Cook Time: 6 Hours low or 3 Hours high


  • 1.5 lbs. Pork loin
  • 16 ounces salsa verde
  • Bag flour tortillas
  • Mexican style blend cheese


  1. Place pork loin in crockpot. Add salsa verde.
  2. Set crockpot on low 6 hours or high 3 hours
  3. When pork is done use two forks to shred the pork in crockpot
  4. Serve in bowl with some shredded cheese on top. You can also add some sour cream

Note- Im pretty sure you can use this recipe in an Instant pot and cut the cook time down to almost instant. 😉


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There is nothing worse then when you make a meal, call your family for dinner and your wonderful children that you do so very much for look at it like you just served them dog poop. Not this time!

This is a family favorite, even the kids love it.

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