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It has been a while since I’ve done a post. I have been so very sick with a bad case of the flu. My husband is against the flu shot, he swears it gives him the flu every time he gets it so of course, I follow suit and not get the flu shot. This is the first year for as long as I can remember that I actually got sick and got really sick. I did not leave my bed all of Easter weekend or the following week. It sucked bad!!

I was hoping to post cute Easter pics but we took none. Thank goodness for my mother in law coming down to visit for the weekend she made sure the kids colored eggs and had an Easter egg hunt. Anyway, I’m feeling much better now.

Have you heard of the DailyLook Subscription Box?

If you’re not familiar with DailyLook it is a Personal Stylist Subscription Box.

Build some confidence in your wardrobe with a personal stylist?

  • One on one personal stylist
  • A box of hand-picked clothing pieces (up to 12) delivered to your door
  • Try on your clothes in the comfort of your home
  • Free shipping on the return of Items that do not work for you.
  • $40 Style fee charged for the service but can be put towards an item that you decide to keep

So I went to their website and completed a style quiz. It helps your “Personal” stylist figure out your lifestyles and what kind of clothes you like or need.

I must have filled this out wrong or my stylist and I were on two different pages. I did not Love anything that was picked for me.

My Stylist was Allyson. She included a very nice note in my box giving a short description of each item. DailyLook does ask for feedback on anything that you return. It seems like they want to get to know your needs and make the right clothing choices for you.

The box showed up and here were my hand-selected items-


I know it’s hard to see from these pictures, but there is a nice variety of Items. A pair of jeans, a few shirts, and a few dresses. Some of the fabrics are weird but all in all the clothes are of good quality. The Price point is just ok. Everything is over $60 most items are way over $60 so that is personal preference on how much you want to spend on clothes and convenience.

Excuse my no make up face (and this is supposed to be a BEAUTY blog) but I had to show you pics as I tried everything on.

My Opinion on the DailyLook Box

The idea of this box is great for people that don’t have time or don’t enjoy shopping. I love shopping, I also like brand name clothes but do not like to pay full price for them. I feel like I can go to Nordstrom Rack or TJ Max and get the same brands for less.

I have to admit it was exciting to have a box of clothes show up at my doorstep and do a fashion show in the comfort of my home VS a dressing room at the store. So that is definitely a plus to this service.

A few more details to consider before deciding if you want to try the DailyLook Box


  • Checking out is easy. They send you a link and you decide what items you want to keep and what items are in the box being sent back. (Prepaid shipping label included)
  • You have 5 days to send back your unwanted items or DailyLook will assume you’re keeping everything and charge you for it.
  • They offer discount offers if you keep multiple items. 50% off 1 item when you keep 3 and 50% off 2 when you keep 5

I have decided to cancel my subscription to DailyLook. I plan on keeping the Alice Sleeveless Dress in Garnet because I do not want to lose my $40 that I already paid. Remember if you decide to try this box you will be charged the $40 style fee so keep one item so you can use that credit.

I have a short but sweet post of like 10 super cute summer dresses from my favorite online store http://allthedayz.net/must-have-summer-dresses-confidence just in case this box subscription is no interest to you but you still want some cute clothes. kiss


I would love to know if you have tried this box or one like it? What did you think?

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XOXO, Michelle



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