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The Best Products for sensitive skin

  • Sensitive skin refers to a range of conditions from genetics to allergies. You can also be causing your skins reactions by using the wrong face products.
  • I have had acne my entire childhood into my adult life. Almost every product I would try seemed to help very little or cause excessive dryness, flaking and peeling. I thought the burning and stinging of these products were signs of them working. Not true at all! These harsh topical treatments that worked when I was a teenager are actually irritating my adult skin causing it to be red and sensitive and aggravating my acne.

What is sensitive skin

  • Sensitive skin is a range of conditions, you may have had a reaction to a product ingredient at some point or another, those with persistent issues or more easily irritated skin are classified as having sensitive skin.

Why does sensitive skin happen?

  • If you have sensitive skin you probably notice you develop symptoms when using certain skincare products, soaps and lotions. Your skin may also become irritated with exposure to sun, wind and cold weather.
  • I have to be very careful on what products I choose and what ingredients are listed. It was difficult for me to balance my sensitive skin and still use products like retinoids that lightly exfoliate skin and encourage new collagen growth for the anti aging results we all want.

Best Products to Overcome sensitive skin

After trying what seems to be every product out there, I am thankful to have found the Ayur Medic calming line. My esthetician recommended Ayur Medic to me and to be honest because it was made right in my home town I questioned how great it could possibly be.

Ayur Medic is a California based skin care line founded by several doctors and skin care professionals. This skin care line is highly effective using advanced ingredients with the perfect balance of holistic and research driven results.

In Ayur Medic’s calming line made for sensitive skin I use the

Calming Cleanser – Fragrance free cleansing milk. Cleans skin with no harsh ingredients. Contains emu oil and emblica to help reduce redness and calm skin.

  • Calming Cream– Light moisturizer that helps hydrate, protect and calm skin.

My face has never felt or looked so great. I get asked all the time what products I use so I wish I would have had more confidence in the product and thought to do before and after pics. Bummer!

I will be adding more Ayur Medic products in to my daily routine so stay tuned. Before and after pics for sure.

I have to add… Ayur Medic’s 30+ Sheer-Tinted Sunscreen is Amazing! So great that I need to do an entire blog about it.

Common Questions/FAQ About sensitive skin

  • DO the products contain paragons?
    • All Ayur Medic skin care products are produced without the use of paragons.
  • How long will the bottle last?
    • This will depend on how much and how often you use the product. You only need a little bit morning and night. Mine will last me about 60 days.

Last thing you need to know about sensitive skin

With the right cleanser and moisturizer you can have beautiful skin!

What product do you use for your sensitive skin?

Please share and leave comments.

Best products Sensitive Skin
Best products Sensitive Skin
Best for sensitive skin
Best for sensitive skin

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