What is Confidence?

building confidence tips

Confidence is a feeling of self- assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. The feelings of certainty about handling something, such as one’s self, work, family, or relationships.

Confidence is extremely important it is a vital weapon needed to face the challenges of life.

My Favorite saying is “Own It!” Funny story of mine that is a perfect “own it” moment was when I had a dental issue happen at the worse time. I was using my teeth as a tool (just like my mom told me not to do as a kid) and my front veneer broke. In less then a minute I went from confidently dressed and ready for the day to a hillbilly (no offense to hillbillies) with half of a front tooth!!! This is a Friday afternoon with no available dentist to see me. I was mortified! Why at that very moment did friends from out of town happen to show up at my door? I would not even send my husband a selfie although he begged to see. As I opened the door to greet our dear friends (who see me only a few times a year) I had to Own It!

Why do we lack confidence?

  • The factors of low self-confidence are different for everyone. Your cultural background, childhood experiences and life circumstances can play a part in your lack of confidence.
  • I work daily on my faulty thinking that perfection is what’s needed for my confidence
  • The lack of self care can lead to low self confidence. That is my excuse to my husband on why I need my bi-weekly nail, hair and eyelash appointment’s. You are more then welcome to use it on your husband also!

Best Tips to build confidence

Tip 1: Care for yourself

tips to build confidence
  • My favorite answer. You are most confident when you are in good physical health, mental health and social health.
  • Good sleep habits
  • Get to the gym or take a walk
  • Eat healthy
  • Red lipstick and high heels

Tip 2: Think Positive

  • Change your thought process.
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
  • This takes time but you will be surprised how well it works

Tip 3: Get to know yourself

  • Think about your achievements.
  • What do you do well?
  • Learn your limitations
  • Start a journal
  • Go to church (I’m a Christian) or not (that’s ok too)

The Last Thing You Need to Know

Find your personal confidence. It should not hinge on whether or not you are desirable to anyone other than you.

What is your best confidence building tip?

building confidence

Please share and leave comments. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


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