We have a 10-Year-old!

Today was our baby boy Diesel’s 10th Birthday… Holy shit where di the time go! All he wanted to do was go skiing for his birthday (let me remind you that we live in Southern California and we have 70-degree weather all year long.) We took him to Big Bear a few months ago and he skied for his first time and fell in love. What his little 10-year-old brain can’t understand is that was a $1000+ vacation not just something we can make happen for his birthday party. So he wasn’t very happy and gave us no other ideas on what he would like to do for his special day. My kids have to make things so difficult for me. We ended up going to dinner at his favorite restaurant Osabi. The kids always pick this place for Birthday dinners because its not just dinner but also a show, they grill all of your food table-side.

Birthday Dinner

What do kids like these days?

I had this great idea (probably because I was feeling guilty for not doing a Birthday Party) to get him ten gifts. Not only get him ten gifts but also hide those gifts all around the house and have him go on a scavenger hunt to find them. Great idea right?                                                      First of all… I had a hard time finding the first gift. What does a 10-year-old boy want? He sits and plays Fortnite every chance he gets so trying to find a toy that would interest him was almost impossible. I had to be in Target for what seemed to be hours trying to find any little gifts I thought he would like and try not to spend a million $$. I ended up finding some Fortnite figures, Xbox gift cards, head set for his Xbox so he can play with his buddies and a few other little things he didn’t need. I left there feeling like my Idea for 10 gifts was the most stupid idea. I ended up spending a bunch of money to support his already unhealthy gaming habit and little toy figures to clutter his already messy room. 

My daughter and I spent the next hour coming up with silly clues and rhymes on note cards to add to each gift to lead him on his scavenger hunt. We hid gifts in closet, bathroom, under the bed, underwear drawer and even the refrigerator. He had a blast figuring out the clues and finding his gifts. Took him about half an hour to find all 10. Of course, because he is an April fools baby my daughter had to do a trick on him. His first clue card for the start of his scavenger hunt was wrapped in a Mac BookPro computer box so he thought his wish for a big boy computer came true. Nope! Just a card in a fancy box. He was not too Happy.

Mac book pro April fools

It was a good day! I wish time would slow down. Our parents always told us “time fly’s” and you just never understand it completely until you have kids of your own.



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